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The Internet is here to stay and current and useful content is the name of the game. What if you could open a file that looks like a word document, insert photos or videos, add pages and insert many plugs ins all on your own without needing to know anything but a very basic html foundation? This is not plug & play but full  customization! Before Windows, there was line by line programming in DOS.  After Windows the game changed.  There will always be high technical web programmers but modern technology makes it easy for any one to learn, publish and maintain their own website. If you have the time and the budget you can hire a programmer to work on staff or you can learn higher level programming systems. These are all good and have their place. However, for the purposes of promoting your brick and mortar business I am offering a solution that will work quite well to give you all the advantages that you need to powerfully present your business well and generate more business on line. This is easier than you may think and you can learn it or have someone in your office learn it.  Then, when you want to communicate with your clients and get new business you can add, edit and upload new information, send out email campaigns and get in front of new prospects eager to buy your products and services. When newer technology becomes available you will have a good foundation to more easily learn it. Ask for a free sample live webinar to see how you can quality for this service.


Personal 1 on 1 training

Once you really “get it” that your website is a communication

tool then you will want to find a way to bring the maintenance

and management of it in house. 

When  you couple that with Google’s attention to current and

useful content then it becomes a no brainer.

Not doing it is acting like whenever you want to make a phone

call you have to contact someone else to do it for you.

The Internet and your website give you the power of being

your own post office.  You can build email lists or Facebook

Page Lists and even build text lists depending on your type of


If you sell gardening supplies you could create videos you put

on You Tube and then broadcast them on Google Plus, your

Facebook Page and then put them on a blog and gradually

build a library of useful tips on your website. And, every time

you do this you build up more backlinks and social proof to

show Google.

If you own a restaurant you could have people send a text to

join your text list.  They show you the coupon you texted back

for a free drink or some other value commodity and then every

Friday you can send out a text broadcast to this list reminding

them of your special events and menu changes for this week.

You could change your menu as often as you like and even

have it available for download.

Whatever your business you can use many of these great

benefits - many of them free or at very low cost.

Custom Design

Responsive Web Design (Mobile / iPad)

Marketing Systems

Add On Services

. Group training webinars . Basic word processing skills . Willingness to learn. . Self Starter



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