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You need to show up Online when people are looking for you.  They need to find you if they know your company name but, more importantly, they need to find you if they are looking for your product or service. Learn the secrets and discover Practical SEO!  Understand what the search engines want and give it to them in the way they look for it. Prove it to them with current and useful content and social proof. Make sure you have the basics first, then, if you need, pay for advanced SEO services.
Get Found Online Build Social Proof Convert Leads  to Customers
This is the science of understanding how to ‘label’ your website so that the search engines can find you when they search for your target keywords. This has to do with ON PAGE factors - how the keywords are placed on your website content and coding. Additionally you need to have your website registered with Google and Bing Webmaster tools to access many other things that will help with the foundational ranking for your website. Is your site mobile friendly for example? ... plus more.

Part 1. Identify Your Site for your keywords

Part 2. Building Social Proof

Social Proof involves many things.  How is your company information listed in Online directories (Called Citations).  If your information is accurate and consistent and you are listed in many directories it builds up your SEO muscle.  Engaging in Social Media is another powerful way to build Social Proof.  Creating your unique mix of Social Media (Most importantly including Google+, Facebook and You Tube) will give further evidence of the appropriateness and popularity of your website.

Understanding Search Engine Technology:

 Give them what they want and you’ll get what you want!

This may sound simplistic, especially in the face of all the SEO technicalities you may have heard about. The most important thing is to get the bigger picture of what a Search Engine is and what it can do for the world. (and your business) Think about it - we have access to a computer and the Internet.  I don’t think we really get how massive and amazing it is! If you have a question about anything you can get an answer just by asking. Not only can we get information about any topic we can also find products and services that we need in our personal and business lives. Now we can carry around little computers called cell phones or watches, even computers attached to glasses!  It’s amazing! Search engine companies want to make a profit. What is the product they are selling that people are willing to pay for?  Information!  Good, accurate and useful information. What about you? - When you do a search for anything Online, you want to find useful information.  You don’t want duplicated sites all with the same copy trying to sell the same thing.  You want to find the best business and the one who’s going to suit your needs and is close to you.  You want to find someone you know, like and trust. No matter what you look for, you want to find answers to your questions and problems. So, the search engines keep changing their algorithms and SEO companies keep trying to figure out how their new filters are working.  How about just not putting anything out there that they are trying to filter out?  This is not censorship but an attempt to find the best results for information, products and services that will serve the end user the best. If you get good information you will keep using a search engine.  The goal of a good Online Marketing Plan is to think about how your company can provide good and useful information, products and services and, then, find ways to let the search engines know and trust that you are the best choice when people search on your target keywords.
A savvy business owner knows his target keywords and has a basic understanding of how this all works. Companies poised for the future have an Online marketing plan in place. They have set up systems and responsibilities to make that happen. They know what is working and what is not and they stay on top of information to keep ranking high. The biggest secret is that it isn’t really hard to do and it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to do it. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s too hard or into paying too much.



“How to create and implement your own Online Marketing Plan to get new customers for your offline business”
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: Two reports custom prepared for your company. 1. SEO Analysis - How you are ranking on Google, Yahoo & Bing for up to 100 keywords. 2. A Citations report - what directories are you listed in and which ones you are not.

Part 3. Conversion And

So, you’ve done all this work to get visitors to your website.  Depending on your product or service and how much competition you have, only a fraction of those visitors will be ready to buy right now - especially if your product or service costs more than a fast food meal.
Even if you sell pizza, you still want to generate repeat business. A visitor to your website is an ASSET.  It is someone who has raised their hand and said they have some degree of interest. What systems can you use to continue to communicate with them over time and give them more evidence that you are the best choice for them? Can you give them some useful or fun information that they will be happy and willing to share with their extended network? This is the most overlooked and under used benefit of marketing Online. Building a contact list of interested prospects will be your most valuable resource for making new and repeat sales. You may not like being on email lists or text lists or even like Facebook but it’s really not about you, is it?  It’s about your leads and customers - where are they and how do they like to communicate? If you don’t get your information in front of your prospects and leads where they are ‘hanging out’ then you lose an extraordinarily powerful advertising medium - AND MOST OF IT IS FREE OR VERY LOW COST!

Get your information on the Internet’s

busiest streets and find ways to generate

Online Word of Mouth Marketing.

Online Word of Mouth Marketing

You can expand your presence on line by

using free and low cost ways to advertise.

Each of these listings are also powerful

additions to boost your Online rankings

and ‘proof factors’ with the search engines.

You need a Customized Online Marketing Plan You need to have access to knowledge to make the best marketing and advertising decisions You need to decide who is going to do it
You need to know what your target keywords are and how you are ranking for those keywords. You need to know what words people are actually using when they search Online, not what you guess they are using. You’d be surprised to learn what words people actually use that you might never have even thought of. Look under the SEO Tools in the Toolbox section of this website for a link to a free tool offered by Google to do this research. You also need to know how you are recognized for listings in Online directories.  These listing are called citations. These citations are a major factor in how the search engines quality and rank your website. Once you know where you stand you can take actions to improve your ranking results by adjusting the copy and On Page Factors for your website. You need to find the best and most affordable tool to setup and keep your Online Citations accurate and up to date. And, you need to determine how you will use Social Media, Email marketing and other tools to boost your ranking and conversion rates. You need to evaluate your status at least monthly and make a plan to put in what’s missing. Take a free trial of my monthly reporting service to get a monthly SEO report on up to 100 target keywords, a list of Citations and where to upgrade them and a list of recommendations for improvement along with a la carte service offerings. Whether you do it yourself, or not, as the owner of your business you should know what your status is, what your goals are and if the actions you are taking are making a difference or not.
The first decision is whether you are going to do this in house or not.  I suggest, whenever possible, that you take it on in- house.  This way you can make adjustments consistently and who has more interest in your success than you? Once you have a plan in place you may be able to give this responsibility to someone on your staff who would enjoy the opportunity or you can even employ the part time services of a family member to do it for you.  Young people today know a lot about computers and the Internet and they may be able to powerfully support you as a great part time opportunity for them at a substantial savings to you.
You can sign up above to download a free ebook on How to Create & Implement Your Own Online Marketing Plan.        You can research the Internet or you can employ my services to help you create and implement a plan that works specifically for your company. In any case, however best suites you, without a clear plan, you’re shooting in the dark.

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