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SEO Rankings for 100 Keywords

Google, Yahoo & Bing

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Monthly SEO Analysis & Citations Reports:

The SEO Analysis Report give you current statistics on how you are ranking Online

for your company name and how you are ranking for up to 100 keywords of your

choosing on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Plus it will give you a link to each listing so

you can view it for yourself.

The second report will tell you which citations you are listed in and which ones

you are not.  It will help you know which citations to get or which citations to correct

if your information is not current. You get the direct link to each one so you can

change your listing. There are many services that will give you tools to keep all

these updated for you but this will let you know what your current  status is.


I will show you several ways to get these listings afford-ably updated. 

I will also give you some statistics on what 4 of your competitors are doing and

where they are listed so you can stay up to speed with them and even surpass


You can add a Review Widget to your website that will make it easy for your

website visitors to leave reviews on your business. You can use as many review

sites as you want. (See the sample widget above)

A custom prepared Written Recommendation Report on actions you can take to

help improve your rankings. You can choose to do them yourself, hire me or

someone else to do them for you. This is not a software generated report.

This report will give you a snapshot of where you are ranking so that you can make

sound marketing and budget decisions. Each month you will see the changes and

have an understanding of what to do next.

You can continue to use this service as long as you want or cancel at anytime.


SEO and Citations Report plus Review Biz

Badge plus Recommendations Report $37/mo

First month free. Cancel any time.

First of all, can anyone find you?

SEO Rankings

for 100 Keywords

Google, Yahoo & Bing

Citations Report




Review Biz

$10 Add On

How well are you positioned?
What can you do to improve?
Each month I will give you the SEO and Citations Reports which will give you the data you need to make sound marketing decisions.  You will have access to a Review Widget plug-in for your website that makes it easy for website visitors to leave reviews for your business in many different Online directories. Plus, I will give you a written list of recommendations of things that you can do to improve your search ranking results.  You can do these things yourself or have me or someone else do them for you..  Month by month you can track your results and see how you are improving (or not).
Search engines want to rank quality sites to give good information to Internet Searchers.  If you get your business listed in all the most important directories on line and be sure you are listed everywhere your competitors are then you stand a better chance of ranking higher in search results.  It starts by knowing where you current stand and then improving your listings over time. I will show you several tools to get this accomplished.
How well do your rank for your target keywords? Do you know what your target keywords are and have you researched to see what terms people actually use when they are looking for your product or service? Just because you may rank for your company name does not mean that you are ranking when people are looking for your products and/or services. Secondly, you may think that people are typing a particular word in their browser but you may be surprised at what words they are actually searching on - without knowing that you may be missing a big opportunity to be in front of potential prospects! This SEO Ranking report will help you analyze SEO issues, identify opportunities and track performance faster than ever before.  When you know how you are (or are not) ranking for important keywords you can take actions to improve your listing.
Get these monthly tools:

Recommendations for

Improvement Report

$37 a month but you can try the first month for FREE - If it’s not right for you then simply cancel your service before 30 days and you will pay nothing.
Upgrades Available:
One on one live meeting to discuss your reports and brainstorm possible solutions for your company. We meet remotely on an Online Webinar to review your reports, answer your questions and determine a strategy to move forward. You can have as many have many people as you wish attend this meeting and they can all be in different locations at the time. This 45 minute meeting is only $30 per month and you can cancel anytime.  And, you can try the first month for free (for a limited time)..
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