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Landing Pages

I create or transform a current website according to your

exact specifications.

You supply the content and your design ideas.  I give you

samples based on your specific requests until we develop

a design that makes you go “Wow!”  If you don’t like it,

we’re not done.

We examine your specific outcomes desired.  Based on

this, we determine which keywords you want to target and

include those keywords on the website in the right places

an in the right format the search engines prefer.

Your project is managed through a private on line website

to save you time and give you access to all the important

information and files related to your website.

You maintain ownership of your domain and all files.

I provide Online marketing coaching provided or have it

done for you

Live & no obligation Webinar prior to project inception.

Live one on one unlimited telephone and web


Custom Design

Responsive Web Design (Mobile / iPad)

Marketing Systems

Add On Services

3 Page Starter Sites

. Complete Business Package . Basic Remote Webmaster . Your All Inclusive Webmaster [Limited Availability] . Rehab Your Current Site . Learn to update it in house . Add Ons {Responsive Web Design, Mobile iPad, Shopping Carts, Videos, Sideshows and more]

What’s more important, FORM or FUNCTION?

If your goal is to be in front of and attract new business then the first goal is to show up  for targeted keywords.  If you don’t show up then you don’t have a chance to win a new customer - or provide ongoing information and services to current clients. Therefore, ranking for keywords is a priority! ?  How can you show up for targeted keywords? The first level is what is called ‘On Page’ Optimization That is using the correct words in the right way on your website and submitting all the appropriate information about your site to the major search engines in a way that they can categorize your for a particular product or service. Secondly, you need to provide social proof to the search engines so they will rank your site higher.  For starters, that includes how accurate and consistent your company information is around the web. How many ‘Citations’ (Directory Listings) do you have, how many Online reviews can you provide and do people interact with your site using Social Media? Is your site Mobile Optimized? Are you staying up to date with Search Engine technology and current trends?

First of all, your customers need to be able to find you!

What happens when they do find you and your site?

Ok, so they find you. Great! Now, what are they going to think about you and your company when they see your website? Your website is the Face of Your Company! It is the first impression they get about who you are and if you are trustworthy. Are you the right choice for them? Is your site easy to navigate? Is it attractive, clean and appealing to the eye? Can your website visitor easily find the information they need? Are you able to make changes quickly and easily when you get feedback? Does it leave the visitor convinced that you are the right company for them? Do you give them a call to action or an invitation to contact you? Do you give them volumes of text they will never read? Are you using automatic systems to build leads lists? What are your competitors websites like?  How does your’s compare? IN SUMMARY 1. You want customers and new prospects to find you when they look for your company and / or product or service Online. 2. You want them to choose your company and contact you.


Every business is different so you need to choose the right vehicle for your unique circumstances and goals.
1. Marketing on the Internet is different than traditional Industrial Age Marketing. 2. It is NOT a “do it once and forget it” proposition.
If finances are your primary consideration you might utilize one of the many Plug and Play website services available Online.  These services provide you with templates that you can customize with your own content and they have built in SEO factors as well. You can test this and see if you show up in searches and are attracting new business.  If it works for you then you only need to upgrade if you want the ability to fully customize your presentation and branding. Many people use Word Press Websites successfully as well.

The most important concepts to understand:

No matter what solution you choose you need to: 1. Know if you are ranking for the keywords you want to target and monitor that at least monthly. This changes daily and is crucial for being found. 2. Be sure your are satisfied with your presentation 3. Get listed in Online directories 4. Develop a system to collect Online Customer Reviews 5. Develop systems to keep current content on your website. Fresh content is an important consideration that search engines like Google look at. 6. Stay engaged using the appropriate blend of social media for your company. 7. Have a way to request contact information from website visitors so you can continue to market to them. (If you fail to do this you miss the greatest asset your website can give you.) 8. Develop a consistent Online Marketing Plan to consistently improve your ranking and conversion raters for your website.
Research website design and marketing services in your area.  These run the gamut from independents like me to large and established Design and SEO firms. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. o Do you have one point of contact that you can talk to? o Do they focus on teaching and education or do they ‘talk down to you’. o Do they focus on giving you full ownership of all your Internet properties or do they maintain control of them? o Are the rates reasonable or do they nickel and dime you to death? o How much control do you have over final design approval? o Do they follow up with education about Online Marketing Plans and New Company Practices?

How My Service Works

Electric Store Front Web Design Services You choose your level of participation I provide introductory and ongoing education according to your needs. I can do the complete design and ongoing maintenance for your website or you can learn to do some or all of it in house. o Remote webmaster service to update your website as needed. o You can do partial content management to change text and photos galleries or menus etc. o You can do full website updates and management using a new system that is almost as easy as a word processing document, totally what you see is what you get - minimal html skills required and training provided. Mobile / Responsive Websites Complete control over the branding and appearance of your site. Develop an Online Marketing Plan Additional services to support your Online Marketing Plan (Do what you can and want to do in house - only pay for what you don’t want to do.) Personal service with one point of contact using the telephone and live Online meetings.
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